About Us

Where Art, Technology and a 
Tradition of Craftsmanship Meet

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The Art

Cloth & Company was founded on our love for art, textiles and all things home. We are passionate about design and believe that inspiration can be found all around us. Taking cues from fashion, history, fine art and nature, we are constantly creating collections of bespoke textiles and exclusive silhouettes. As a design collective made up of textile designers, artists and creative influencers from around the world, we aim to celebrate artistry and explore design in an unprecedented way.

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The Technology

We live in an ever-changing world and pride ourselves on embracing innovation. As the first home goods manufacturer to design, print and upholster in-house, we have been a pioneer since our inception. Utilizing digital textile design and 3D rendering technology, we are able to turn inspiration into collections at an unprecedented speed. By digitally printing the textiles using a 100% clean water run-off process, we print only what is needed for production, ultimately minimizing our waste and carbon footprint.

“Wecker’s company would be the first in the United States to offer this capability.”
Chicago Business
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The Craftsmanship

We are a family of artisan furniture makers, using many of the same techniques passed down over four generations. While we look to employ technology to enhance our skill, we believe the careful attention to detail by our craftsmen is what makes our product special. Our products are truly the work of many hands, from hand painting our textile designs to building the frames of our exclusive silhouettes, each piece has been crafted with the utmost care.